Mercer’s Wood Academy: 01427 612 572

You can contact Mercer’s Wood Academy on their reception number 01427 612 572 for enquiries about their uniform policy, to ask whether you live in their Gainsborough catchment area, or to discuss term dates over the phone.


Reception Number – 01427 612 572

Call Mercer’s Wood Academy on their main reception contact number 01427 612 572 if you have enquiries regarding about their admissions process and student intake. Accordingly, you may have queries regarding the school’s catchment area and whether they offer places to children who live outside of Gainsborough. Parents of prospective pupils may wish to ask for the date of the school’s next Open Day, or to arrange a meeting with a member of staff to discuss their facilities in person. In addition, you may have queries about the Mercer’s Wood Academy uniform policy, its term dates or whether they have any job vacancies, in terms of teaching positions or administrative staff.

You can also call the Mercer’s Wood Academy reception number 01427 612 572 as a parent of a child you would like to report as absent for the day. Alternatively, if you are running late during the school run and will likely miss morning registration then you should get in touch to let reception know. Moreover, if someone new is picking your child up from the school’s premises then it is advised to call in to let their teacher know in advance.


Mercer’s Wood Academy Call Costs

Mercer’s Wood Academy uses a contact number prefixed with a Gainsborough area code, meaning that callers will be charged the standard per-minute rate of a typical local call made from a UK landline or mobile. However, you can contact the school’s reception office for free if you have inclusive minutes bundled with your mobile tariff or if your landline package offers free calls to landline numbers.


Write to the Gainsborough School

If you would prefer to write to Mercer’s Wood Academy, either to send a permission form or to register a formal complaint regarding the treatment of your child then you can do so via email or when sending your letters to the following postal address: Mercer’s Wood Academy, Ropery Road, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, DN21 2PD, United Kingdom.